Pristine variety - how much longer?

This piece of land is crossed by three rivers. On their way down to the valley they form countless pools or plunge into uncountable waterfalls - an almost heavenly sight. Altamira is a garden that invites its visitors to explore unlimited pleasures. It is virtually impossible to know the full number of secluded meditative spaces that are on the land alone: here a rocky plateau, there a bamboo grove, elsewhere a deep pool or a waterfall gleaming in the sun. In its beauty Altamira is a vision of what was thought to be a long-lost place of unspoilt purity. 
The previous owner cleared a part of the intact forest just before he sold the land - a typical example of the "civilized" use of natural treasures and resources on our planet. We started with reforestation. 

It's just a happy coincidence that erosion had not yet taken place and many of the burned trees have taken root again. The University of Belo Horizonte supports afforestation with material, know-how and new innovative methods. The restoration of the natural state of this valley is one of the prior aims and objectives of this project. All project participants are committed to buying more land in the valley and turning it into a private nature reserve. Essentially, this also means removing the cattle – thereby restoring vegetation to its original state, ensuring springs and rivers are not contaminated and enabling migration of wildlife.